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Yoga for Addiction


Addiction refers to any behaviour that feels out of control and damages the quality of your life. The desire to partake in the destructive behaviour is too overwhelming for you to say no?


Yoga can help you centre you mind and help you focus on control your addiction. It allows you to let go those unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviours that cause you to return to your compulsion.

Yoga channels your own positive energies, so that you may lose the obsessive or uncontrolled impulses and replace them with healthier and more positive patterns of thought and behaviour.

Using these powerful inner tools, we will help you change the way you think about the craving. 


We will show you methods using breathing and relaxation to help take away the impulse to feel the ‘rush’ of the addiction and replacing it with the power of control. 

The natural high associated with being in charge of your own actions is both invigorating and liberating.

Yoga can help bring about positive lasting change by helping you to fundamentally change the way you think and feel about your addiction forever

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