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Holiday NEWS

No classes from Wednesday 4th July to Sunday 8th July 2018

First class back -  Zumba on Monday 9th July 2018  

Gong therapy

Gong Bath for Yoga meditation 

A sound bath is a deeply holistic form of sound healing. It uses specific frequencies to wash over you gently and creates resonance in the body, and a deep sense of peace and well being.

What happens in a sound bath?

-First, I ask you to lie comfortably and close your eyes and relax. 
-I then begin by playing the gong, changing the rhythm and playing techniques. 
-I also incorporate bells, drums, rattles, crystal and brass sound bowls to achieve a sense of grounding.

This results in a deep sense of relaxation which allows you to absorb the sounds and vibrations. Your mind will be  free to focus on healing at a subconscious level, bringing about well being and health for the body.

The gong is an amazing and powerful instrument and at the end of  the session, you will be surprised at how calm and rejeuvenated you feel. 
We advise that you go home and relax after each session as the 
effects can be quite powerful.

Ask me about up and coming Sound therapy workshop dates  or if you prefer, I can offer private one to one sessions.

We run regular sound baths throughout the year. Working with Astrology and moon phases. Each sound bath will be slightly different, depending on whether it’s a New moon, Dark moon or Full moon. 

New moon for cleansing,  Full moon  for tapping into our potential and Dark moon for letting go of stagnant thoughts and feelings.

I use an Earth year gong. -
COLOUR: Blue/Green 136.10Hz
CHAKRA: Throat
RULES: All Signs and Earth’s Yearly Seasonal Cycle
CHARACTER: nature, nurture, Mother

The Earth Year Gong brings us into harmony with the movement of the Earth. It represents the passing of all four seasons. It provides the appropriate vibration needed to complete our destiny successfully in this World. Aligning and 
balancing our physical self it heals us on all levels. It is the Song of Gaia.


Today, I received a lovely email and photo from a client who attended her first 'Sound bath session.' One of my yoga clients bought her Mum and Dad along. They have had quite a stressful past few months and she hoped this might help them relax and de-stress.
We chose to have a half hour session for their first time. They both enjoyed it and were pleasantly surprised at the effect it had on them both.
here is their message:- 

Dear Debbie, 
Thank you for our amazing sound bath today. 
Mum and Dad really enjoyed it. Dad was really 
pleased with the relaxation and breathing 
techniques you taught him and he is going
to practice at home.
They both said how relaxed and calm they 
felt and they can't wait to book another 
session to come along again xx


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