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Weekly Schedule

Monday Zumba 7-8pm

Tuesday    No classes (scheduled/ private only)

Wednesday  No classes (scheduled/ private only)

Thursday     No classes (scheduled/ private only)

Friday  No classes  (scheduled/ private only)

Saturday No classes (scheduled/ private only)


What's on...

Booty pump - This is a fitness class to music, using bar weights and dumb bells. This workout  will tone and shape you. With emphasis on toning, this class is sutable for all levels... just crank up your weights if you want a more hard-core workout and to burn more calories!!

Dance Fit - This is a dance fitness class to music. Similar to Zumba but at a more gentle movement class. We have many mature clients who enjoy this class. It is great for people who are returning to fitness after recovering from injuries and perhaps need a slower pace. You can work at your own levels with no judgement. 

Zumba classes
- Our friendly classes are a great way to socialise and have fun. We have mixed ages and abilities. All the dance moves are easy to follow and incorporate muscle toning moves so we are getting fit whilst having fun. It's the calorie burning dance fitness party! See results fast!

Yoga classes - We practice Hatha yoga, which has been shown to reduce stress, improve balance and flexibility, increase strength and reduce the risk of injury in daily life. These relaxing sessions will help balance your body between all the fitness training. These sessions suit all abilities.

Park jog and outdoor training - Once the weather improves we will take Strawberry Fitness outside. We are lucky to have lots of outdoor spaces and parks locally. These classes will work in a similar way to the booty fitness sessions With gym balls, body weight exercises, battle ropes and use of the outdoor gym machines. For our running enthusiasts, we will add our park jog to the sessions. The second half will be for stretching, strengthening and cooling down. We have created innovative and fun classes to motivate you. All abilities will enjoy these classes, as we will give you plenty of options to suit your fitness level.

Jog with your dog- As many of us are dog owners, we will be starting these sessions. They are for all levels and if you don't have a dog I have four … so you can borrow one of mine! Get fit and have fun with your dog. 

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