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Holiday NEWS

We are hosting all our classes either live on facebook or via ZOOM


About me

After many years teaching English in London schools, I decided to incorporate my education experience with my love of fitness training. I have now been teaching Yoga & fitness for over 20 years. 

I am qualified in Sound bath therapy, Somatics practitioner, Movnat teacher, Sports massage and am a trained therapist in Gary Ward's flow motion gait cycle model. 

I am also involved with charity fundraising for Macmillan Cancer support and The Greenwich & Bexley community Hospice. 

I volunteer at the Inspire centre for independent living, teaching chair based Yoga.

Weekly Schedule


Mon - ZUMBA Facebook live (FREE) 7-7.30pm

Tues - ZUMBA Facebook live (FREE) 9.30 - 10am

Wed - MOVNAT Zoom (£5) 9.30-10.30am

Thur - ZUMBA Facebook live (FREE) 9.30 - 10am

Fri - ZUMBA Facebook live (FREE) 9.30 - 10am

    - Occasional evening RELAXATION or SOUNDBATH (£5)

Sat - MOVNAT Zoom (£5) 10-11am

Sun - Occasional evening RELAXATION or SOUNDBATH (£5)


CLICK HERE for the 'How to pay' paypal guide 

Gift Vouchers

Buy Gift Vouchers below:

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  Please note : There is a £2 surcharge per transaction when paying via paypal. Please ensure you buy all your vouchers in one go to avoid paying multiple £2 charges. 


For Sound bath tickets - please add 1x £5 vouchers  - add the date of the  sound bath you wish to pay for in the messages section.

For Relaxation tickets - please add 1x £5 vouchers  - add the date of the  sound bath you wish to pay for in the messages section. 

For MOVNAT tickets - please add 1x £5 vouchers  - add the date of the  sound bath you wish to pay for in the messages section.

Please contact Debbie once you have paid for the ZOOM codes or Facebook private page details.   Debbie will message you back to confirm your place at the event. 


Tina - Hi Deb, my back feels the best it’s felt in ages. Thanks

David - hi Debbie, it's davice. The sports massage last monday was top quality and I was able to run on sunday and felt much better. i will be in touch to book another soon 

Sue- I started Debbie's Yoga class in November 2011 with chronic back pain. Within the first few weeks, I noticed my pain had eased and within about 6 months, I was almost pain free. I am much more supple and can move without the constant fear of pain. I advise anyone to try Yoga. 

Barbara - Great work out. Debbie is a great teacher and makes it fun for everyone. I'm hooked!

Amanda Jones - Lots of fun, energetic - since coming, i have lots more energy 

Hilary - Good fun classes. Great music. Debbie is a good teacher.

Marie - Really Fun class and a great atmosphere.

Shaunagh Gwynn - Good range of exercise for young and old alike.No one is made to feel they have lack of ability. "Do your best" You don't get told off if you can't touch your toes!

Lynn - More BBQ's Deb! Great DJ! Thanks for making Zumba fun with all the exercise!! "Simples"

Helen - It was brilliant, all of the tightness and tension I had in my neck had gone, and I felt brilliant afterwards!

Betty - I was advised by my Doctor to join the class. I had high cholesterol and was over-weight. In just 6 weeks (with a moderate diet change) I lowered my cholesterol by 2 points and within 6 months, I'd lost 2 stone! Debbie is very supportive and great for us oldies. (I'm 71 years old)

Toni (nobody puts baby in the corner) - Debbie makes exercise enjoyable and we all have a laugh (usually at my expense!)

Shirley & Sarah - Great fun to keep fit to. Debbie is very good, Excellent fun classes.

Tina B -  Zumba with Debbie changed my life. Great fun, great exercise and a great social life.

Luisa LeVoci - Love it, Debbie is a great teacher, keeps it moving...Glad to be back!

Lucia LeVoci - Fantastic and full of energy. Great time and good workout. Debbie always amazing.

Adiza Shardow - Amazing class, Great music, Great moves and this is my first time - will definitely be back!

Steve - I called Debbie when I had damaged my back in the Gym. She came to my place of work and set up in my office! Very convenient. She managed to massage my very sore back and worked out the knots. My back felt much better and I was able to get on with my work again. Great service. Thank you.

Barbara - Thouroughly enjoy the Zumba dance class. Debbie is a great teacher and lots of fun


Movnat - Qualified Trainer - level 1

Advanced Yoga training.

Advanced yoga practitioner & meditation

Yoga Professionals level 3 teacher training.

P.G.C.E in further education. B.A hons. 

Advanced Yoga training for M.S, C.F.S & Fibromyalgia

Align Somatics' Exercise coach Training Level 1

AIM - Anatomy in motion - Qualified therapist

Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology. Sports Massage, Holistic Massage.

Trainer in Self Development. Level 2 B.S.L.

Trainer in basic counselling skills. Fitness Instructor, Reiki Healer






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